Development and service of drilling fluid

The use of circulation fluids of “Geosynthesis engineering” company by drilling companies of Ukraine

«Mente et malleo»

The use of circulation fluids that “Geosynthesis engineering” works with today started in 1997, when “SPE “Zond”, just created by Polituchyi A. and Rosengaft A., the first private enterprise in Ukraine to service circulation fluids, drilled its first well – No. 163 Uzhno-Afanasievska. The drilling fluid PIBR-2 was tested on that well. It was created based on acrylic agent PP-2C

For Ukraine of those times, which used to suffer from lack of traditional agents, that was a crucial event. And not just because that activity of “SPE “Zond” allowed to solve the chemicals problem and to re-establish the functioning of the Ministry of Geology of Ukraine, but also because a technological breakthrough was performed – a transition from lignosulfonates to polymers.

Since then our circulation fluids went through severe tests in all the regions of Ukraine, in all its variety of geological conditions. People changed, so did wells and enterprises. The fluids developed and improved together with us. And today we can look back with pride and remember our deeds.

Use of washing liquids "Geosynthesis Engineering" on drilling enterprises of Ukraine (a list of wells where drilling fluids service support by specialists "Geosynthesis Engineering").

Utilization of circulation fluids of “Geosynthesis Еngineering” company by drilling companies of Ukraine.