Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

HAPPY 2018!
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II Kyiv Conference on Modern Methods of Drilling and Increase of Oil and Gas Production "Drilling. Well Stimulation. Ecology and Occupational Safety"
7 November 2017,Kyiv.

The casing was successively placed into the well on depth 2197 m.

Future center of offshore drilling in Odessa, October 5-6 th

The well will be directional with vertical inclination of 700 m. Design depth of well is 5600/5714 m. The well will be drilled with utilization of pitless technology.

Continuation of cooperation with PJSC "Ukrhazdobycha". Works were started simultaneously on two wells. Permits for drilling mud services were received on the electronic trading platform "Prozorro".

The problem of crucial fluid losses was solved by utilization of a special blocking fluid based on the Biocar system.

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