Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

Penetration of pay zone was performed with invert emulsion drilling mud Witer-II.
Well depth 5620 m.

The second well where the penetration of a pay zone within an interval 5458-5620 m will be performed using an invert emulsion solution Witer II.

The well with abnormayl high formation pressure. Design depth of well 5000 m. Mud service will be provided within an interval 2520 - 5000 m.

Killing the well was performed for revision of tubings. The special fluid was provided on a rental basis.

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Two sections of casing will be running .
First section was run in the interval 3797-5487 m. Drilling of the interval was conducted with the utilization of clay less drilling mud Biocar-МТ.

The workover operation of this well was performed for the milling the old part of the tubing, which is remained during the previous workover.  

Directional well with vertical inclination of 125 m. Design depth of well 4620 m. Pay zone of this well will be opened with using of invert-emulsion drilling fluid "Witer-II".