Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»
Восстановление бурения двух скважин после длительной консервации

The wells have been stopped immediately after the descent of the technical casing. Accordingly, due to the lack of contact with mud rocks, wellbores due to downtime were not injured. In this way. at the beginning of restoration work, we had to restore only the minimum amount of drilling fluids and check their settings.

Применение блокирующего состава "Биокар-блок"

Well killing was carried out formation water. However, depleted reservoirs rapidly absorbed, which did not give the opportunity to keep the fluid level in the well and make the rise of tubings. Then, to eliminate the absorption of applied system "BIOCAR block", which was pumped into a pack of perforation interval. Acquisitions stopped, the level established,  tubings raised and transferred well to the other horizon.

Визит в Азербайджан

The scientific cooperation has established with one of the oldest oil Research Institute in the territory of Soviet Union.

Killing operation of highly productive well with abnormally low reservoir pressures to replace the tubing and christmas tree. Invert emulsion was selected as the killing fluid to provide the maximum preservation of reservoir filtration properties. The required volume of IEDM was provided on a rental basis.

We wish the new year of peace, kindness and happiness to everyone.
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Meeting with the heads of "Ukrburgas" DD and UkrNIIgas drilling fluids departments.

Column closed interval 5388-4009 m, including Visean productive horizons.

When drilling interval used clayless biopolymer mud BIOCAR-MT.

Reducing the density of using EDI to the next hole. Work was carried out for the first time.

We used the mobile unit centrifuges company "Karat".