Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

Meeting with the heads of "Ukrburgas" DD and UkrNIIgas drilling fluids departments.

Column closed interval 5388-4009 m, including Visean productive horizons.

When drilling interval used clayless biopolymer mud BIOCAR-MT.

Reducing the density of using EDI to the next hole. Work was carried out for the first time.

We used the mobile unit centrifuges company "Karat".

The National Technical University of Oil and Gas. Ivano-Frankivsk 10th-12th December.

To work on this well have attracted after her killing formation water. Planned some work on stimulation. Something to do with the bombings, and - in pure water. But life has made adjustments - failed to disrupt the packer. I had to drill it. It is understood that in the water it turns bad. They called us - outrigger asked slightly increase capacity and give the system the thixotropic properties.

The well killing operation has been performed for the tubing revision and an additional perforation of the productive interval. The special fluid was provided on a rental basis.

We discussed issues the use of hydrocarbon systems in wells drilling and cementing in geological conditions of Ukraine.

Conference topics:

An effective wells cementing at Semirenki and Machukhi gas condensate fields.

Well-killing fluids for wells with abnormal-high formation pressure.