Development and service of drilling fluid

We have a remarkable event! Today our flushing systems have been used at the 250-th well. This achievement has reached in 20 years of work, which involved three generations of Ukrainian drilling mud specialists.

It all began in December 1996, when only created SPE "ZOND" began working on its first well. SPE "ZOND" was the first private enterprise in Ukraine for the service of drilling fluids, which was created by Aleksandr I. Polituchiy and Abram Gr. Rozengaft. The first well was the South Afonasievskaja well No. 163, and the customer was Ahtyrskoe UBR (Ahtyrskoe Drilling Department). Everything was for the first time - the preparation of reagent RR-2S, and technology work on the well, and the organization of logistics. I was not all right, especially while drilling in the intervals of Permian anhydrite. Nevertheless, the well was drilled successfully, and even with some economic benefit. Flushing system PIBR-2 got a start in life!
Ivan Yurievich Hariv and Sergey Vladimirovich Luban directly worked on the well. Our director Ivan Ivanovich Poletuchiy in those days delivered the reagent RR-2S to the well by car "Zhyguli" with a small trailer.
It was an interesting time…

20 years have passed. Abram Gr. Rozengaft went to Israel for treatment; Aleksandr I. Polituchiy and Ivan Y. Hariv have been already retired. SPE "ZOND" drilled 180 wells with the usage of drilling mud PIBR-2, but in 2013 the company has changed management and technology policy. Today on this territory is quite another company.

A part of our collective members worked at "Research and Design Company for Drilling Equipment" JSC in Kyiv. We have drilled 30 wells here, including several horizontal. We have created a new laboratory and put together a great team of specialists. We developed and implemented our own clayless system "Biocar". However, this period has ended. Today, we are once again gathered at the Poltava land, but already under the flag of Geosynthesis.

Of course things that we make today, can’t be compared with the past. This is a completely different technical and scientific level. We had conducted works for 40 wells for three years. In our assortment more than ten recipes of drilling fluids, the production of chemicals, liquid storage and own transport. "Biocar" is the most widespread clayless drilling mud system in Ukraine. We have developed a unique reagent "Alevron" and have returned oil based drilling muds in to Ukraine. In the stage of development are some great developments that have engaged our young employees. Life goes and we are preparing a replacement for us.
But no matter how far we have not progressed, the basis of our work today is still the experience, techniques and ideas that originated in the far nineties of the last century. And remain in a memory people - those with whom brought together fate, with whom had to deal difficult drilling questions ...