Development and service of drilling fluid

The conference topic is very important and exciting. Snubbing is a workover operation technology without killing the well. It has a lot of benefits and it significantly increases efficiency of works in the well. The technology has proved to be effective long time ago, but it is almost not used in Ukraine. 
Leading foreign companies such as Halliburton, Balance Point Control, Endeavour, scientists from IFNTUOG and PoltNTU, and leading oil and gas companies of the country have taken part in conference.

The conference solved many of the key issues related to the technology and the legislative framework, so we hope that snabbing will receive a distribution in Ukraine.

Our company has also participated in the conference and submitted a report on the subject "Special fluids for completions and workover operations. Optimization and improving of efficiency". Sometimes it is impossible to do workover without well killing operations.

A small photo report from the conference included.