Development and service of drilling fluid

Well-killing was made with process water. However, it was catastrophic losses of water into the well which prevented any wellbore technological operations. Operator turned to us for solving this problem. Special fluid “Biocar-block” designed for effective control fluid loss was prepared at our base and brought to the well. The fluid loss was stopped by changing process water into the well on “Biocar-block” system. The workover operations are successfully carried out now. There is no drop of liquid level into the well.

The special fluid was provided to the Operator on a rental basis.


  • Density - 1120 kg/m3;
  • Funnel viscosity - 48 sec;
  • Gel - 67/86 dPa;
  • Flitration loss - 4 сm3/30 min;
  • PV - 14 cP;
  • YP - 144 dPa;
  • рН - 9,54.