Development and service of drilling fluid

He who cheated once,
Will do it more than once.
Lope de Vega

A conference, next in a row, on drilling and production of hydrocarbons was held in Kyiv. As for today, such an even is considered to be quite ordinary, but for one circumstance that can quite significantly characterizes the methods of activity employed by certain companies that, by hook or by crook, are trying to squeeze into Ukrainian market of drilling fluid services.

The report devoted to OBMs, the representative of MI-SWACO Mr. Vishnikin Ye. expressed the following idea “…flash temperature for diesel is 50-60оС, and for mineral oil it is 100оС and more. Therefore, with the outlet temperature of mud higher than 50оС it is forbidden to use emulsion diesel-based muds! Mineral oil, that MI-SWACO uses for "Versaclean" system, should be used instead.

To tell the truth, this statement is very far from truth! This is a glaring example of manipulation with the characteristics of hydrocarbons and methods of their testing. Let us consider the definitions.

Flash temperature is the lowest temperature of volatile condensed substance at which vapor above the substance surface is capable of flashing in the air under the influence of ignition source, however stable burning after the source of ignition is eliminated does not persist. Flash temperature must not be mingled with ignition temperature, at which combustion agent is capable of independent burning after the source of ignition is put out. It should also not be mingled with autoignition temperature, at which no outer source of ignition is required in order to initiate either burning or explosion. (

Тепер звернемося до нормативних документів.


3.3.11. Autoignition temperature of OBM vapors shall be 50°C higher than maximum expected mud temperature at the wellhead.

Autoignition temperature of hydrocarbon is, thus, strictly limited. There is no mentioning of flash temperature in the document, which is logical as flash requires external source of ignition. So, do not start fires on the mud return line and you will never have flashes!!!

According to SSU 305-82 Diesel fuel. Autoignition temperature of summer diesel fuel is 300 °С, and for winter diesel fuel 310 °С, and for arctic diesel fuel it is 330 °С. In such a way, according to HSE Regulations 11.1-1.01-08, outlet OBM diesel-based temperature must not exceed 250 °С!!!

Such restriction for the utilization of diesel fuel is “very topical” for geological conditions of Ukraine! Moreover, even in Algeria, in the Sahara, where air temperature reaches 60оС, emulsion muds are prepared exclusively on the basis of diesel fuel. Nobody uses mineral oil! We have the first-hand knowledge of this.

We asked a question to the reporter “Do you really fail to understand the difference between properties of hydrocarbons or are you trying to mislead the audience in order to substantiate the utilization of a more expensive drilling mud system?” (The price of mineral oil is 2-2,5 times higher than that of diesel fuel). We receive no comprehensible answer!

We strongly believe that it is wrong and highly unprofessional to mislead the auditory, especially regarding strictly specialized issues where not every person can distinguish between the substitution of notions. We would like to warn everybody that we are intended to further on unmask all attempts of deliberate distortion of technical information. We will throw the light upon the facts witnessing of low professional level of companies that have recently appeared in abundance in the sphere of flush fluid services. We are going to struggle against unfair play in drilling mud service. All facts of dilettantism and incorrectness revealed by us will be exposed for wide audience in the mass media.

The country shall be aware of its “heroes”!