Development and service of drilling fluid

   2017 is over! The year that celebrated a centenary of the Great October Revolution and it was the year of our jubilee – our tenth birthday.
It was a revolutionary year, and as during any revolution, it was quite ambiguous!
The industry is gradually reviving itself after the abolition of exorbitant rent. Frankly speaking, the revival is rather slow! This is but another confirmation that it is always easier to pull something down than to build it.
   Over the past year, we have carried out work on 10 wells - 6 drilling projects and 4 workovers. At the same time, the flywheel was spinning very long with the bulk of the work falling on the second half of the year. Today, the government promises to introduce additional tax reduction for wells, the drilling of which was commenced after January 1, 2018. So, during next year we are hoping not only to preserve the dynamics, but also to witness a sharp increase in the number of wells.

   Рrivate companies look like centers where innovative technologies and scientific and technological progress are accumulated. In the past year, trends of drastic changes in drilling technology have been observed. The number of top drive drilling rigs is growing. Requirements towards hydraulic flushing program are increasing (today we are already talking about the pump capacity of 60-70 l/s). Rotary steerable systems are used. Drilling mud cleaning system improves (3 vibrating screens, Mud-Cleaner and 2-3 centrifuges in one set is already a must). Pitless drilling is becoming more widespread.
   Such technical progress requires appearance of new flushing systems, and we have to meet the requirements set by the era. Someday, in the future, we will call 2017 the year of a revolutionary scientific breakthrough.
   In 2017, industrial tests of Witer II invert emulsion mud took place during drilling. Drilling-in on two wells for two different companies, has led us to record debits. Plans for the coming year are to reach significant increase in the utilization of invert emulsion muds for drilling, including AHFP conditions with the density of more than 2000 kg/m3.
   In 2017, Ukraine announced ambitious plans to return to drilling in the Black Sea offshore fields. Here, the geological section is represented by colloidal gumbo clays. In this regard, our old recipe - biopolymer system LIGNOCROSS, possessing increased resistance to contamination with loam sludge, is of particular relevance. We had to tinker a bit: to restore the technology of components production, to test the recipe, to conduct laboratory research. Industrial tests of renewed LIGNOCROSS system in similar sediments of the Carpathians are scheduled for the dawn of the following year 2018.
   Another promising elaboration of ours is inhibited starch-acrylic flushing system IСAR, which allows to drastically reduce dispersion of cuttings in upper intervals of a geological section. The IСAR system was designed in 2017 for pitless well drilling. System testing is scheduled for 2018. If laboratory results bring conformation, IСAR system will be the start of a fundamentally new line of drilling fluids.
   In 2018, launch of a biopolymer clayless flushing system BIOCAR-TF, weighted with a complex of water-soluble salts, is also planned. It is an environmentally friendly, highly inhibited and heat-resistant flushing system, it is absolutely new for Ukraine, and it opens the way for drilling-in of a significant part of promising deep-lying horizons.

   For us, 2017 was marked by a number of important events.
   In honor of the anniversary, we held a large-scale international conference GeoDrilling II, which was attended by representatives of 39 enterprises from 7 countries.
   After the utilization of our proprietary biopolymer system BIOCAR-MT on the well operated by the state concern Ukrgazvydobuvannya, a record production rate for this field was registered.
   Deputy director of our company, Sergey Luban, defended his thesis on the increase of thermal stability of biopolymer drilling fluids. This is the first recognition of results brought by scientific activity of our specialists at the state level.
   IEM Witer II was actively used during workover and drilling. Total number of wells carried out by us with OBMs reached 11.
   In 2017, we first started working with ‘external drilling contractor’, i.e. with a foreign drilling company. The goal behind attracting foreign companies is to drastically increase technical and economical performance of drilling through the use of modern equipment. This is a new trend widespread among our economic managers. In our case, this was Belarusneft. Without going into details, we can state that no outstanding results have so far been achieved. Drilling speeds achieved by Ukrainian companies with obsolete equipment, but enormous practical experience and knowledge of local geological conditions, were higher.
   The idea that attraction of foreign companies into the country is an extremely harmful and potentially dangerous project was repeatedly voiced during numerous conferences in 2017. Not onlydoes it not solve technological problems, but also will definitively destroy its own industrial production. It especially concerns the attraction of Chinese enterprises! The funds that are currently used to remunerate the services provided by foreign companies could be directed to the modernization of national technical park with much greater efficiency. Geosynthesis Engineering fully supports this point of view. Unfortunately, the Olympus is deaf to this opinion. We wish it were not too late!

   In the end, here are some overall results of the year and plans for the future.
   In 2017, Ukraine, finally, received a visa-free regime with the EU (‘Farewell, unwashed Russia’).
   America seriously took its northern neighbor in hand. Congress passed a Law on Sanctions. Sanctions for decades, which cannot be canceled without the decision of Congress.
   Money in Russia is rapidly coming to an end, and these coming elections too...
   It has been three years that Ukraine has been refraining from purchasing Russian gas. At the same time its own production increased by 0.5 bcm.
   The USA and Canada have decided to sell weapons to Ukraine. This includes, among other things, the Javelin ATGM. To tell the truth, there are only 210 rockets, and in the Donbass there are more than 700 Russian tanks! But, well begun is half done!
   The battle-front is relatively calm. However, the soldiers still perish, almost 200 people during the year.
   Russia, in chauvinistic frenzy, squeezes products under sanctions with bulldozers and is preparing to fight with the whole world.
   In 2018, most likely, the UN troops will appear in the Donbass (and throughout the occupied territory, including the border with the Russian Federation).
   In the USA, the Ministry of Finance will publish a report on Putin’s purses (which is worse than sanctions, which is his own,‘hard-earned’ money).
   In The Hague, the Tribunal will begin its work on the brought down Boeing.
   Perhaps, Ukraine will receive a special status in NATO.

   In general, everything goes its way. Quite slow, though.

‘Don’t let the thought, that God will show us disfavour. Your life is short. No time to waste on a defeat.’

Lina Kostenko

   HAPPY 2018! Let the New Year bring you peace, success and prosperity. 


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