Development and service of drilling fluid

The use of blocking fluid "Biocar-Block" during workover operations fell into the background with the increase of popularity of OBM Witer-II. However, often there is water in the borehole. In this case, the use of OBM is impossible because it can disastrously affects the further performance of the well and leads to losing of the entire volume of the flushing fluid.
Due to the presence of water, the well killing operation of this well with a depth of 5638 m was carried out with utilization of the special blocking fluid "Biocar-Block". The entire volume of the fluid was prepared on the territory of Geosynthesys Engineering and provided to the customer on a rental basis. The workover operation is carried out for revision of production tubings.

  • Density - 1110 kg/m3;
  • Funnel Viscosity - 62 sec;
  • Gel - 67/77 dPa;
  • Filter Loss - 3 ml/30 min;
  • PV - 17 cP;
  • YP - 168 dPa;
  • рН - 9,7.

Fluid loss during a well killing operation was absent.