Development and service of drilling fluid

'The art of war teaches us
to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming,
but on our own readiness to receive him;
not on the chance of his not attacking,
but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.”

Sun Tzu ‘The Art of War’

01 01sIt seems the show has started! The volumes of service works registered in 2018 in Ukraine are unprecedented! We provided services on 16 wells, of which only 4 were under workover. The rest is drilling, and mainly with foreign drilling contractors - Belarusian, Chinese, Croatian companies. We cannot say we are particularly happy with the latter circumstance, yet the reality is as it is. 7 drilled wells were the services provided at the fields of the state-owned Ukrgazvydobuvannya, and judging by the number of tenders held, the intensity of such drilling operations will increase the following year.

The increase in drilling volumes naturally leads to an increase in production. Ukraine is clearly increasing its energy potential. The volume of imported gas is decreasing, and this leads to currency savings. New technologies and foreign drilling equipment accelerate the construction of wells and increase their productivity. This was confirmed with high drilling rates and record production rates at several Ukrgazvydobuvannya wells drilled using our flushing systems.

The exertion was immense. At the beginning of the year, we had a period when there were 12 wells in operation at the same time. Honestly, it was a bit of too much. We had to introduce rapid changes into the Company’s structure. We established the Engineering-Technological Service, the Geological-Analytical Department, increased the number of laboratory equipment, hired more field engineers and technological transport. This year's transport acquisitions are another tank truck, a tractor, a semi-pickup truck; we also replaced the drop-side trailer and the minibus.

The total number of bunkhouses-laboratories, fully equipped with necessary devices, reached 14 pcs. Today we officially represent the interests of Grace Instrument in Ukraine, the American manufacturer of laboratory and testing equipment. As a result, our organizational and technical capabilities have improved significantly.

In the past year, we finally completed the construction of the third floor of our office building. Now, we have enough space to accommodate the enlarged team, the server, the first-aid point and even the scientific library.

Over the past year, several commercial tests of drilling fluid systems were been carried out. The tests were carried out on the fields of private investors, (first of all - DTEK Naftogaz), which, like before, are the leaders in the implementation of innovative technologies. The tests, in general, were successful, which confirmed high efficiency of our developments proposed for implementation.

First of all, it should be noted that biopolymer system Biocar-TF, weighted with water-soluble salts, is unparalleled in Ukraine. It is a barite-free, environmentally friendly flushing fluid for the drill-in of deep-seated productive formations with heat resistance up to 170°C and density up to 1700 kg/m3. According to its technological properties (downhole filtration index, inhibiting effect on rocks, rheological characteristics at high temperatures), Biocar-TF creates a real alternative to barite-weighted oil-based drilling fluids. The system proved itself during drilling of a complicated well and provided for commercial rates of production. Next year’s plans include the widespread use of Biocar-TF on other fields.

Lignosulfonate-biopolymer-based system Lignocross confirmed high efficiency in the conditions of a large amount of cuttings during drill-in the deposits occurring in plastic colloidal clays of the Carpathian region. It should be noted, that Lignocross system was developed as promising system to be used on the of the Black and Azov Sea shelf after the return of the Crimea.

The starch-acrylic system ICAR, allows drastic reduction of hydration and dispersion of colloidal clays of the Jurassic and Triassic, and thereby significantly reduce the volume of drilling waste to be recycled in the pitless conditions of operation. ICAR system testing will continue in 2019.

Moreover, next year, in 2019, we are hoping to conduct commercial tests of the weighted invert emulsion drilling mud Witer II with a density of more than 2000 kg/m3 on the most complex oilfield with abnormally high formation pressure. This is the result of two years of intensive work on the development of recipes with heat resistance reaching 200°C. We expect that the use of IEMs will bring qualitative improvement to the drill-in of productive horizons and will significantly increase the productivity of wells.

Last year the scientific activity of our Company became more intense. By order of a private investor, we developed an IEM system with low density and enhanced insulating properties. Together with the Institute of Oil and Gas (Krosno, Poland), the impact of IEMs on core permeability restoration was investigated. We conducted activity aimed at elaboration of new, very promising chemicals. Scientific and technical cooperation with Ivano-Frankivsk University continued. We significantly strengthened our cooperation with Poltava University named after Yu. Kondratyuk. Speaking of the spring-summer of 2019, we are planning to hold the Third International Conference GeoDrilling, where we are planning to talk in detail about the results.

In short, the country and the industry are slowly but surely creeping out of the swamp. Naturally, it could be faster, but…. But it is as it is! The important thing is that this is a state policy, and we are contributing to this process.

A few words about the situation in Ukraine, in the world and behind the "curb".

Ukraine is on the path to strengthening statehood. A visa-free regime with the EU, the creation of an efficient army, the revitalization of the economy and the support in the world is a reality today. Autocephaly and the creation of an independent church is awaiting us.

The world after MH-17 and the ‘Novichok’ is gradually beginning to see things clearly and is increasing the pressure on the ‘brothers’ in the form of sanctions. The economy of the Russian Federation is weakening, ‘the dollar is moving away from Russia’, currency rate is almost 70 RUR, the retirement age was increased, VAT was raised, the bridge was built, football was held, ISIS was defeated. That is it! Only abyss is ahead! The only trouble is that they will drag half the world behind them.

After a long calm, the end of the year was marked by the aggravation of the situation at the front. This time it was on the sea. In general, this is natural, after the bridge construction completion and against the background of the deteriorating economic situation. Concentration of tanks and aircrafts on the borders means there is a real threat of invasion.

Ukraine responded by the introduction of martial law. There is a faint hope that ‘the West will help us.’ However, in fact, we need to rely on ourselves only. Let us hope that the aggressor understands that this is not 2014, a light walk will not do today.

In conclusion, I would like to wish everyone something kind and jolly, however the situation does not imply that. Therefore, we will be in solidarity with the author of the note to God imprinted on the background of the Wailing Wall: ‘Peace for Ukraine, and may h**lo live to The Hague!’

«Не допускай такої мислі, що Бог покаже нам неласку. Життя людського строки стислі. Немає часу на поразку».
Lina Kostenko

Happy New Year!

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