Development and service of drilling fluid

How it was

«Mente et malleo»


In the photo, from left to right, sitting: V.S. Shmavonyants, E.S. Sienkiewicz, V.S. Ribalchenko, A.S. Seryakov, unknown, V.Z. Luban, M.M. Fesenko. Standing in the first row, third right - A.S. Nepomnyashchii , fifth left -Z.U. Hinkovska. In the last row, near the left corner of the signs - A.N. Andrusyak. In the center - with the black beard - L.I. Dopilka, left after him - N.M. Prohorov NM, right - A.G. Rozenhaft (visible only part of the face). I. Yu. Khariv look from behind the man with glasses (unknown).

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At the origins of SPE "ZOND". From left to right: S.V. Luban; I. Yu. Khariv; A. G. Rozenhaft; A. I. Polituchij.


Photo is made after B.A. Chernov's defense of the thesis in Ivano-Frankivsk University of Oil and Gas. Sits - B.A. Chernov - just defended Dr. hab. Standing, left to right, first row: O.T. Draganchuk; Yu.V. Luban - just defended PhD; Ya.S. Kotskulich; V.S. Voitenko; D.Yu. Mochernyuk; V.G. Yasov; O.B. Polituchaya; A.S. Nepomnyashchii. Second row, left to right: V.S. Boyko; R.S. Yaremiychuk; A.N. Mizin; A.I. Polituchy; A.N. Andrusyak.


Exhibition of oil and gas companies in Poltava. From left to right: Poletuchiy Ivan Ivanovich; Luban Elena Semenovna; Luban Yurii Volodumyrovich.


Departure of A.G.Rozengaft to Israel for treatment. At this point Abram G. has had surgery in the Moscow oncological center, and has gone through several courses of therapy in Ukraine. Israel remained the last hope - and it is fully justified.

Photo: Rozengaft A.G., Poletuchiy I.I.


The first biopolymer system "BIOCAR" was used on the well №545 Bugrovatovskaya, the drilling of the horizontal section of the trunk in the range of 3363 - 3470 m. Photos at the drill. Laboratory NIIKB drilling tool at full strength. From left to right: Sobichenko Anton Vasilyevich, Onishchenko Valentin Petrovich, Duz` Andrey Grigoryevich, Luban Yuriy Vladimirovich, Nakonechnaia Galina Anatolyevna.


The first meeting with company management PSPW (polski serwis plynow wiertniczych), marked the beginning of long-term and fruitful cooperation. From left to right: Ian Pudlo; Iurii` Luban; Al`fons Dudek; Galina Nakonechnaia.


Avram Grigorievich conquered sickness. Pensioner. He lives in Israel, near Tel Aviv. Babysit three grandchildren. Life goes on!

Geosintez wishes strength and health to our teacher . We still have a lot of joint work ...


Home of one of the most difficult, but also very productive period in the work. The experience gained during drilling in colloidal Maikop clays, with a solution density of more than 1,800 kg / m3 and 140°C was the basis for many of our future development. And people who are under the most severe administrative pressure, with shocking equipment and lack of the most elementary conditions of life were able to survive and successfully finish the job today form the basis of our technology services businesses..

In the photo: First exit at the well. From left to right: Onishchenko V.P., Luban Y.V.


Application of mud "BIOCAR" at the well №53 Sviridov, at depths greater than 5000 m and a temperature of about 140°C, allowed to carry out drilling at a record pace and get a high initial flow rate. It was the beginning of our close cooperation with the owner of the license - the "Regal Petroleum" and drill now - "Spetsmehservis." In the photo, from left to right: supervisor "Regal Petroleum" - Likhvar Grigorіy Vasilovich; Luban Iurіy Volodimirovich; SMS director Popelnyuh Sergey Anatoliyevich, SMS gen. technologist - Kirilenko Mikola Kirilovich; Peliushkevich Alla Anatolіivna.


Beginning of cooperation with the Department of drilling of Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas University.

On the photo, from left to right: Ivan Poletuchy; Ph.D. prof. Myslyuk Mikhail; Luban Sergey.


In the end of 2014 we went to Moscow in RNU named after Gubkin to make a deal about collective cooperation of development and utilizing of invert emulsion drilling fluids in Ukraine. Made a deal. There were great perspectives... 

But life made its corrections. On the day of our departure, the Russian special forces seized the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea. It was not up to the cooperation. War has begun!

On the photo: Luban Yuri Vladimirovich during the last visit of alma mater.



The opening of Construction of teaching and research laboratory of drilling fluids in Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas University. The laboratory is equipped with equipment and renovated park in accordance with the standards of Ukraine and ANI. Provided supplies, samples of chemical agents, methods of research.

On the photo, from left to right: Luban Yuriy Vladimirovich, Luban Sergey Vladimirovich, Korol Nina Alekseevna, Poletuchiy Ivan Ivanovich.


With our direct participation there was carried out a successful test on very complex, but highly productive wells, with our direct participation, 20 years ago. History repeated itself. After the liquidation of the consequences of a strong gas shows, great production was got on this field again.

On the photo: Luban S.V. during the well completion.


The second Higher Education in IFNTUOG. The defense of diploma thesis on the topic: "Project of drilling works for the purpose of exploitation of gas condensate in the deposits of the arukurite suite of the upper carbon in the Chervonyarsky GKR".

On the picture: Ivan Poletuchiy


We abandoned the development of invert emulsion drilling fluid idea in cooperation with RNU named after Gubkin because of Crimea occupation. However, during this hard time Krakow Oil and Gas university and PSPW company (Krosno) became our partners. Consequently after 8 months of diligent investigating work, the recipe was created and fully adapted to the Ukrainian geological conditions. The first well where Witer II was provided became №5 Vasischevs’ka during interval killing with ALFP. 

On the picture left to right: Poletuchiy I.I., drilling director deputy “Smart energy” Bouko A. G., led mechanic LLC “USBK-1” Pavelko O.M., Luban S.V.


To encourage talented students, who are interested in field in well elutriation questions and methods of regulating drilling fluid properties, our company created a scholarship, which will be named after our teacher, great scientist, who made important input in drilling fluids development, Avram Grigirovich Rozengaft.

On the picture: Rozengaft Avram Grigorovich.


Start of friendship and cooperation with one of the oldest research institute in the field of drilling and well operation NDPI “Naftogaz”.

On the picture, left to right: Poletuchiy Ivan Ivanovich, Louban Yuriy Volodimirovich, Luban Serhiy Volodimirovich.

Habituation with production and tuning of supply high quality Bulgarian baryte heavy weighting material to Ukraine.

On the picture, left to right: Louban Yuriy Volodimirovich, Poletuchiy Ivan Ivanovich.


First experience of making this type of forums. Visit of Azerbaijanian representative from NDPI “Naftogaz” to Ukraine.

On the picture: Louban Yuriy Volodimirovich