Development and service of drilling fluid

Карбонатный наполнитель КН-50

Acid dissolvable colmatage agent, mud heaver for drilling and well completion fluids. ТУ У 14.1-34962841-001:2008


  • ppearance of reagent: White or light beige colored loose powder;
  • Reagent density: 2,7-2,75 g / cm3;
  • Mohs hardness: 2.5-5;
  • Abrasiveness (ASTM 503-89): 10,3;
  • Water solubility: Insoluble;
  • Sieve analysis:
    • Residue on sieve №01: 0,5-5%;
    • Residue on sieve №0063: 5-25%;
    • Residue on sieve №0045: 15-40%
  • Humidity: <0.3%;
  • pH: 9.2-9.7;


  • KN-50 is an inert, acid, carbonate filler, which acts as a weighting agent or colmatant.
  • KH-50 can be used in all types of drilling fluids, both aqueous and oil based.
  • KH-50 may be used as carbonaceous filler in the preparation of a clay-free washing systems
  • The most effective of bridging ability, KN-50 has in combination with organic colmatant K-200, K-400. KH-50 content in the mud, or special purpose to achieve a bridging effect should be at least 10-15% of the volume of liquid.
  • As the weighting agent, KH-50 may be used if necessary weighting washing or special liquids to 1400 kg / m3. For higher density, use KN-50 in combination with conventional weighting agents such as barite, hematite, and wustite, magnesite, and others.
  • Input KN-50 or the washing liquid is produced in the form of a suspension of 20-30%, through a node of a solution or in dry form by SPM.


  • KN-50 is an environmentally friendly, natural, not water-dispersible filler.
  • The substance is completely dissolved in hydrochloric acid, which makes it possible to use it in the primary and secondary opening of productive horizons.
  • KN-50 has no magnetic properties and is not an abrasive material (that is characteristic of many conventional weighting agents), and thus, does not adhere to the boring tool and damage to the pump equipment.


  • Weighting washing systems carbonate filler KH-50 higher than the density of 1500-1600 kg / m3 can cause thickening of the sharp, because of the high volume filling. Recommended weighted, combined with higher density heavy-weight aggregate - barite, hematite, etc.
  • In the process of cleaning the mud from the cuttings is separated and disposal of the filler in the slurry pits. Therefore, when working on the weighted solutions must constantly monitor their weight and to make the completion of the filler in the wash liquid.
  • The purification system is not recommended to use nets with a mesh size less than 100 mesh.
  • We recommend the use of cleaning mud weighting agent with the ability to regenerate.


KH-50 delivered to the consumer in dry form. The filler is packed in polypropylene bags of 50 kg or big bags of 1000 kg. KN-50 should be stored in a dry place.