Development and service of drilling fluid

Органические кольматанты

Organic basis for creating bridging layer on the surface of the reservoir. ТУ У 37.2-34962841-002:2008


  • ppearance of reagent: Loose powder, from light beige to dark gray color;
  • Water solubility: Insoluble;
  • ieve analysis: At the customer's request;
  • Humidity: 12-15%;
  • Reagent density: 600-900 kg / m3;
  • рН 10%-aqueous solution: 7-8;


  • Colmatant an inert filler, which acts as a basis for creating colmatation surface layer on the surface of reservoirs.
  • Colmatant particle size is selected depending on the size of the pores and reservoir properties. It can range from 200 to 2000 microns. The most common brands are colmatant K-200, K-400.
  • To create colmatation colmatant layer is used in conjunction with carbonate fillers, such as KH-50, MK-30, MK-60, Barocarb, dolomite powder.
  • Colmatant can be used to eliminate acquisitions. In this case, a mixture of different size particles of from 100 to 5000 microns.
  • Colmatant recommended to include the formulation of special fluids perforation, killing and conservation, as well as in the selection of the core, to isolate it from external influences.
  • Number colmatant in the mud or special liquids, for maximum effect, must be at least 1.5% by volume of the liquid.
  • Input colmatant in the washing liquid is carried out either in a 20-30% slurry through a node of a solution or in dry form by SPM.


  • Colmatant is an environmentally friendly, natural, not water-dispersible filler.
  • The substance is completely dissolved in alkali, which makes it possible to use it in the primary and secondary opening of productive horizons.
  • Colmatant has no abrasive properties, and thus does not damage the pump and the circulation equipment.


  • Application colmatant washing liquid in the recipe makes it difficult to use the cleaning system.
  • Application colmatant with particle size above 400 microns, eliminates the possibility of using vibrating sieves.
  • When applying colmatant smaller permitted use of vibrating screens with a mesh size of at least 40 mesh.
  • However, the purification process of drilling mud from the drill cuttings separation will occur and the discharge portion of the filler, so the work necessary to constantly produce kolmotanta replenishment to maintain its desired concentration in the washing liquid.


Colmatant delivered to the consumer in dry form. The filler is packed in polypropylene bags of 20 kg, or polypropylene big bags of 400-500 kg. Colmatant should be stored in a dry place.