Development and service of drilling fluid

This type of service is in demand in an environment where there is a danger of technogenic pollution of productive strata, and used the installation of cattle is not equipped units for the preparation of drilling fluids; unresolved issue of utilization of the washing liquid after use; planned current or vice versa, extremely difficult to work well.

LLC «Geosynthesis Engineering» first time in Ukraine begins offering a special fluid for leasing during well intervention. Under such approach, our company undertakes the implementation of all processes related to the preparation of fluid, its transportation to the wellsite, day-and-night monitoring and maintaining the required parameters, as well as a subsequent export of waste liquid.

Nowadays workover is usually carried out using technical water with different salt content. This is due to economizing on work as well as the inability to prepare special fluids in the field and problems with their disposal. At the same time, water as a liquid having unlimited filtration, has a very negative effect on the reservoir. Additionally, water does not have sufficient carring and retaining capacity for well cleaning, that complicates the work associated with the pipe milling, sand plugs washout etc. As a result, the life of repairs increases, and the risk of accidents grows.

Solution of these problems is possible with the use of special fluids for well killing, temporary blocking, perforating and well intervention. Such fluids based on biopolymer drilling fluid «BIOСAR®» with a wide range of technological properties have been developed and used by our company. According to modern concepts, such formulations are considered to be optimal at work in the area of contact with the productive horizon.

Special-purpose fluids are prepared on a stationary site of our company, pass all the stages of production control and transported to the rigsite in the finished form. Thus, its technological properties complies to geological conditions of the well. The use of such special fluids can significantly speed up repairs and improve the quality of the result.

NEW! Invert emulsion mud Winter II is used exclusively by us under the terms of the lease. This approach allows customers to reduce production costs and prevent environmental pollution.