Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

Drilling a sidehole is planning for conducting well-workover operation. The Witer II invert emulsion flushing fluid will be used for drilling withing an interval of 4000 – 5509 m. Density of oil-based drilling mud will be 1200 kg/m3.

The well is vertically-orientated. OBM Witer II will be used for drilling the productive horizons.

Presence of oil in Pereddobrudzhinsky deflection was proven back in the Soviet times. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there have been numerous attempts to develop this perspective region. Several wells were drilled with further production from them. However, stable productivity was not achieved...

OBM Witer II will be used for drilling the productive horizons within the interval 5110 – 5450 m at this well. The density of drilling mud – 1250 kg/m3.

The well that has been spud today is unique for two reasons.
Firstly, this is the jubilee 100th well in our chronological list.
Secondly, at this well, we are planning to revive the technology of penetrating Jurassic and Triassic colloidal clays with OBM.

The exploration well, where we are starting our activity together with the Ukrainian-Belarusian company Service Oil, was drilled in 2014 in a frontier part of the field. According to the test results, it turned out to be far from being successful. Its productivity was low, and various methods of intensification proved themselves to be ineffective....

Another well has been successfully drilled at Semyrenky field. Despite the fact that DTEK Oil&Gas annually puts in the service a number of new wells, this event is, actually, extraordinary.

Vertical well with AHFP, design depth is 6300 m. Pit-less technology is used during drilling. OBM Witer-II will be used while drilling-in productive layers.