Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

Drilling of the second exploratory 5710 m deep well has begun at a new field. The well is directional with an S-shaped profile. Productive horizons will being drilled with the utilization of OBM «Witer II».

Productive horizons will be drilling-in within the interval of 5100 – 5250 m  with utilization of inverted emulsion drilling mud (IEDM) Witer II at this well. The density of the drilling mud is 1240 kg/m3.

Well killing was performed in order to retrieve the emergency tubing and clean the tubular space of the "multistage hydraulic fracturing". Special blocking fluid was provided on a lease basis.

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DTEK Neftegaz continues a program to restore and deepen old wells. At this well, it is planned to drill a sidetrack from a depth of 5400 m. During drilling, The OBM Witer II will be used during operations.

The well is directional, design depth 4650m.
The most modern systems of drilling fluids will be utilize which have repeatedly proved their effectiveness while drilling wells in the fields of Ukraine.

The well is inclined, S-shaped. The inclination starts at 1000 m in the Jurassic deposit zone. The design drilling depth is 5477/5549 m.

The well is inclined, with an S-shaped profile. The angle set interval starts in the Jurassic deposit zone at a depth of 1000 m. The design drilling depth is 5477/5549 m.