Development and service of drilling fluid

WE INVITE YOU TO COOPERATE! LLC "Geosynthesis Engineering" has purchased modern formation damage core flood system.

The equipment has unique technical characteristics that have no equal in the world:
• core diameter 1.5 ″ (38 mm);
• pipelines for pumping liquids with solid phase;
• pressure up to 1000 bar;
• temperature up to 200 °С;
• acid-resistant Hastelloy steel;
• supersensitive Coriolis flowmeter manufactured by Emerson Electric;
• possibility of simultaneous work with three liquids;
• special software that allows you to collect data automatically.

The equipment allows to simulate real pressure drops during drilling, flowback and well testing, both in the conditions of abnormally low and abnormally high formation pressures

Additional equipment was also purchased:
• device for determining the porosity, made by DCI Test Systems;
• device for determining the permeability, made by DCI Test Systems;
• equipment for cutting and preparation of core;
• X-ray for assessment of pollution after man-caused exposure.

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