Development and service of drilling fluid

About company

«Mente et malleo»

Production activity of "Geosynthesis engineering" is focused on the design, implementation and author's support of drilling fluids and special fluids for well completion.

We are the only enterprise in Ukraine, which does not reproduce the imported washings, and develops and uses in practice their own recipes. In our work we rely on experience and theoretical achievements accumulated in the well-known research centers as UkrGIPRONIIneft and Poltava branch of UkrNIGRI.

Our company has certificates of compliance with standards of the International Organization for Standardization, (International Organization for Standardization, ISO): in: Quality Management Systems; Environmental management systems; Management System Occupational Health and Safety.

The use of circulation fluids of «Geosynthesis engineering» company by drilling companies of Ukraine.

The productive activity of LLC «Geosynthesis engineering» is concentrated on the scientific research, development and field supervision of using drilling mud and completion fluids. Our enterprise is unique in Ukraine, because of producing and using in practice own drilling fluids and doesn’t repeat the foreign formulas.

This approach allows using efficiently the most recent foreign scientific achievements and considering many years of drilling experience in Ukraine. Consequently, we succeed in creating drilling fluid systems, which in normal conditions are not worse than foreign prototypes, but in solving difficult problems often turn out to be even more efficient. Such systems tend to be cheaper than import ones and adapted better to the specific geological conditions and the particular technological process and do not require special equipment. In addition, the usage of drilling mud domestic materials that are «always at hand» allows responding quickly to the occurrence of any issues in the well and preventing the development of emerging complications.


The work of the research laboratory of circulation fluids is related to the development, implementation and maintenance of drilling mud and special  well-completion fluids.

The main direction of laboratory’s activity is research of rock stability, cleaning the bottom of inclined and horizontal wells, revelation of producing horizons.

This type of service is in demand in an environment where there is a danger of technogenic pollution of productive strata, and used the installation of cattle is not equipped units for the preparation of drilling fluids; unresolved issue of utilization of the washing liquid after use; planned current or vice versa, extremely difficult to work well.