Development and service of drilling fluid

Place, where ideas are born

The laboratory is certified to measure the circulation fluid characteristics (Certificate No 105-13). It’s equipped with all the necessary equipment to run measurements according to API and CIS standards. The measuring tools are regularly tested by the bodies of State Standards of Ukraine. The employees of the laboratory have a huge experience working for drilling companies in different regions of the Former USSR.

The main activity directions of the laboratory are:

  • Creating new formulas for circulation fluids;
  • Creating and controlling quality of chemicals;
  • Current control of circulation fluid characteristics and creating technologies to maintain them under control;

Researching in following directions

  • Researching the inhibiting properties of circulation fluids and their influence on rock stability.
  • Researching rheological and mechanical properties of circulation fluids, calculating their carry-up and retaining abilities.
  • Increasing the thermal resistance of circulation fluids.
  • Improving the quality of well development.

The research is hold in accordance with methods and regulations, established by UkrNIGRI of Poltava district.