Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

«The implementation of suggested technological solutions, based on the use of newest circulation systems, allows the production enterprises to significantly shorten the period of well drilling and to increase their productivity by increasing the quality of drilling and decreasing the amount of emergencies».

The CEO of “Geosynthesis engineering” Co., Ltd.
I. Polituchiy


1 s service

Service maintenance of circulation fluids while drilling 
and w
orkover operation

2 s proizvod

The production and delivery of chemicals 

3 s prigotov

The preparation and delivery of circulation and special fluids
for different purposes

4 s proveden

The performance of laboratory analysis of circulation fluids and chemicals

5 s predostav

Providing transporting services by trucks, power lift truck and a pumping unit

6 s opt

Wholesale of chemicals destined for drilling and repairs of oil and gas wells

7 s arenda

Rent of drilling fluids