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«Mente et malleo»

Cementing system for the intervals drilled with oil-based drilling fluids is, essentially, inverted emulsion whose external phase is hydrocarbon fluid. Cement stone is formed without the inversion of phases, without changes of the emulsion type or separation of water. The properties of the cement system correspond to the approved technical requirements.

Инвертный эмульсионный буровой раствор - Witer II

In the Soviet Union there was an unwritten rule - no drilling fluid development could not go to the series, if it has not been tested in Ukraine. This was the case for oil-based systems. Of course, Ukraine drilling fluid specialist did not remain aloof from these tests, took active part in them and hard to develop this area.

Уникальные блокирующие свойства органо-минерального кольматанта Alevron®

The volume of process fluid penetrating into the formation to a large extent determined by the permeability of the filter cake which is formed during such penetration.

Process fluids that do not contain in its composition forming a crust ingredients - water and salt solutions, penetrate into the formation at a very high volume, and to a considerable depth. The presence of such a process fluid even small amounts of colloidal particles (which is always the case - remaining mud tubes to scale, sludge) with practically unlimited filtration, has a significant negative impact on the formation, as forms over the inside the filter cake. The destruction of such a cover is an extremely complex process, so that its size is transformed into one of the main factors determining the reduction in man-made well productivity.

Lignocross<sup>®</sup> - принципиально новая безглинистая система на лигносульфонатной основе

Lignocross® - a fundamentally new clay-free system based on lignosulfonate