Development and service of drilling fluid

Chemicals for preparation and processing of circulation fluids

«Mente et malleo»

Universal defoamer of drilling fluids. TU U 24.1-34962841-004: 2008

Органические кольматанты

Organic basis for creating bridging layer on the surface of the reservoir. ТУ У 37.2-34962841-002:2008

Карбонатный наполнитель КН-50

Acid dissolvable colmatage agent, mud heaver for drilling and well completion fluids. ТУ У 14.1-34962841-001:2008

Thinning agent of polymer systems. ТУ У 20.1-34962841-008:2014

Polymer-lignosulfonate stabilizing agent of fresh water and inhibited drilling mud, polymer basis for circulation systems P-HKR. ТУ У 24.1-23557449-002:2006

A fundamentally new type of starch reagent for the preparation of drilling fluids and special well-completion and workover fluids

Organo-mineral colmatant for clayless drilling mud «BIOСAR®» provides full isolation of permeable layers and eliminates the need for selection of fractional composition of colmatant. ТУ У 20.1-34962841-009:2014

Stabilizing agent for drilling mud, an organic clay and clay slate inhibitor, polymer basis for PIBR circulation system. ТУ У 20.1-34962841-006:2013

A complex agent, the polymer basis for clayless circulation fluid "BIOCAR®." ТУ У 24.1-34962841-005:2009