Development and service of drilling fluid

Stabilizing agent for drilling mud, an organic clay and clay slate inhibitor, polymer basis for PIBR circulation system. ТУ У 20.1-34962841-006:2013

Stabilizing agent for drilling mud, an organic clay and clay slate inhibitor, polymer basis for PIBR circulation system.


Technical mixture of dry components that form acrylate polymer agent in aqueous medium.


  • Appearance of the ready-to-use reagent: viscous dark-brown fluid with a faint smell of ammonia.
  • Solids content: 12%.
  • Reagent density: 1040-1060 kg/m3.
  • рН:11,2-12,0.


  • 2 m3 of water fill in mixing tank.
  • 125 kg caustic soga add in mixing tank and stir during 15-20 minutes.
  • 360 kg of «AbramiX®» reagent add in mixing tank and stir does not less 4 hours.
  • Mixing tank fill in water (4 m3) and stir for 15-20 minutes. Reagent sustain at rest for 24 hours.
  • The reagent is ready for use at the end of the hold period.

Caution!Strictly follow the reagent preparation technology.


  • Reagent «AbramiX®» is destined for drilling mud stabilization and clay inhibition.
  • Reagent «AbramiX®» is used almost in all drilling muds on water base. However, this reagent does not use in flushing systems which contain polyvalent ions more than 0,08-0,10%.
  • Ranges of reagent concentration in drilling muds (in calculation on dry product):

       – in BRNVTF - 0,6-0,8%;

       – in inhibited and mineralized - 2-3%.

Efficiency of the «AbramiX®» increases in composition with other reagents such as: coal-alkali reagent, CMC, biopolimers etc.


  • «AbramiX®» reagent allowes increase the stability of the walls of wells, reduce borehole cavern porosity, prevent swelling and caving rocks.
  • «AbramiX®» well combinates with all types of reagents which are used while wells drilling in Ukraine. AbramiX® based drilling fluids characterized by a very low HTHP filtration loss at temperatures of 120-140 оС. Thermal stability AbramiX® based drilling fluids exceed 180 °C.
  • «AbramiX®» provides high lubricity and anti-stiking properties of drilling fluids. Coeficient of mud cake friction of drilling fluids based on AbramiX® at the level of 0.15-0.18 without use of additional lubricating additives.
  • «AbramiX®» reduces the periodicity of chemical treatments of circulating fluids.


  • Filtration loss can increase when the concentration of polyvalent ions in the filtrate of drilling mud more than 0.1% due to water inflow or drilling in cement. In such cases, before using the reagent AbramiX® is necessary to make additional treatment of drilling mud by soda ash.
  • A side effect of the use AbramiX® reagent is a possible to increase rheological and structural-mechanical parameters of the flushing fluid. This effect is especially strong in the primary treatment and due to pollution drilling mud with cuttings. It is necessary to reduce solid content by mud cleaning or dilution with water.


The «AbramiX®» reagent is supplied to the customer in dry form. The reagent consists of two components: a polymer base and caustic soda. The components of the reagent are supplied in polypropylene and paper bags: caustic soda of 25 kg, the polymer base reagent - 30 kg. The reagent «AbramiX®» is recommended to be stored in a dry ventilated area.