Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

Directional well with the inclination from the vertical 250 m. Design depth is  5935 m.  Drilling contractor is Xinjiang Beiken Energy Engineering.

Superdeep directional well with the inclination from the vertical 1100 m. Design depth is  6200/6572 m.  The well will be drilled with utilization of pitless technology.

The interval was drilled using the drilling mud PIDM-2M. Zone of catastrophic circulation losses which is associated with spalling rocks was covered by casing.

Exploratory well at new oilfield for us.

Target well depth is 1300 m. The biopolymer lignosulfonate drilling mud "Lignocross" will be used for drilling in powerful clay layers of the Stebnitska overlap and opening productive horizons.

The casing is set in one run to the depth of 4130 m and successfully cemented. Multiple-stage cementing system was used.

HAPPY 2018!
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II Kyiv Conference on Modern Methods of Drilling and Increase of Oil and Gas Production "Drilling. Well Stimulation. Ecology and Occupational Safety"
7 November 2017,Kyiv.