Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

OBM Witer-II is used on the fifth well for drilling-in of productive horizons. This time length of drilling interval is 700 m that is much bigger then at previous well.

The workover operation is carried out for revision of production tubings. Special fluid is provided to the customer on a rental basis.

LLC "Geosynthetic Engineering"  was accepted as an official representative of Grace Instrument in Ukraine.

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Drilling of an interval 161-2070 m was carried out without complications. Casing was successfully run and cemented. Preparation of new drilling mud is started.

New directional well with the inclination from the vertical 370 m.   Design depth is 5450/5492 m. The well will be drilled with utilization of pitless technology.

During drilling an interval 2816-4705 m the pitless technology was performed. The polymer-inhibited drilling mud PIBR-2M was used.

The interval 512-2780 m was drilled without complications. Casing was successfully set and cemented.

Completion of the directional well drilling with a depth of 5,652 m and horizontal displacement 700 m. Obtaining industrial gas inflow.