Development and service of drilling fluid

The first section of the production casing Ø177.8 mm was cemented. The interval 5780 – 4340 m was drilled with Witer II invert emulsion drilling mud. Static bottomhole temperature 140 ° C.

The parameters of the Inverted Oil-Emulsion Cement Slurry (IOECS-2) and the stone obtained from it are presented in the table:

07 1

The curing process is intense for the first 3 days, but even after 16 days, the curing does not stop. The kinetics of strength gain is shown in the figure.
 07 2

The CBL data confirmed the effectiveness of IOECS-2 application for cementing the intervals drilled with OBM.

The IOECS-2 cementing system was developed by our company in cooperation with Texcor LLC. According to the currently available data, as of today IOECS-2 is an unparalleled cementing system capable of creating a cement stone without phase inversion of the emulsion and, at the same time, corresponding to the thermobaric conditions of Ukraine.