Development and service of drilling fluid

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The gas deposits of the Machukhske field are of carbonate nature and are characterized by abnormally high reservoir pressures – over 1000 atm and bottomhole temperatures of 160-170° C. Therefore, the company introduces a unique technological approach and innovative solutions to effectively develop these reserves.

Due to the use of advanced technologies, the drilling time was reduced to 141 days. Previously, building of such wells at the field lasted up to a year and longer. The drilling contractor was Service-Oil LLC with a Drillmec-350 rig equipped with a Top Drive system. The drill bit service was provided by NOV. Traditionally, drilling fluids, including hydrocarbon invert emulsions, have been provided by Geosyntez-Engineering. Wellbore trajectory control, automatic verticality control, bottomhole parameters and drilling process optimization were performed by Schlumberger using RSS, LWD and downhole process sensor systems.

For the first time in the Machukhske field, drilling of the 8.5" section was also carried out with hydrocarbon solution, which minimized risks and reduced construction time by 11 days.

CEO of DTEK Oil&Gas Igor Shchurov: “Despite the continuing unfavorable situation on the oil and gas market, DTEK Oil&Gas continues to invest in the development of Ukrainian gas production. This year we have successfully completed the drilling of three wells and continue the construction of two more. The total investment of DTEK Oil&Gas in drilling in 2020 will amount to about UAH 3 billion – this is our contribution to strengthening Ukraine's energy independence ”.