Development and service of drilling fluid


«Mente et malleo»

Kyiv, November 8-10, 2016.

Our flushing systems was used on the 250-th wells for 20 years since the first industrial application.

Killing the well of 5534 m depth has been performed before workover operation.

SWDM drilling mud was used for well-killing operation at the well with abnormally high formation pressure.

"National Research Institute of Oil and Gas", Poland, Zakopane, 19–22th September 2016.

Inauguration of the teaching-research laboratory of drilling fluid created with the participation of DTEK and "Geosynthesis Engineering" company was held in Poltava University named after Y. Kondratyuk.

The well with the depth of 5700 m was drilled using pitless drilling technology. Clayless drilling mud Biocar® was used for penetration in the production zone. 

Killing of the well with abnormally low formation pressures was conducted with using  invert emulsion drilling mud Witer II, which recommended itself good on previous wells.