Development and service of drilling fluid

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Не дуріте самі себе,
Учітесь, читайте,
І чужому научайтесь,
Й свого не цурайтесь. 

Т. Г. Шевченко
«І мертвим, і живим, і ненарожденним землякам моїм»

“Geosynthesis engineering” production activity is concentrated on the scientific research, development and field supervision provided for drilling muds and completion fluids.

Our Company is unique in Ukraine because we produce and utilize own circulation fluids and do not follow foreign recipes. Our activity is based on the experience and theoretic achievements of famous scientific centers among which are Ukrainian Oil and Gas Research Institute and Poltava Department Research Geological Institute.

Our approach enables us to employ most recent foreign scientific achievements in an efficient way as well as take into consideration many years of drilling experience in Ukraine. Consequently, we succeed in preparing drilling fluid systems that, in normal conditions, are no worse than their foreign prototypes however, concerning complicated cases, they often turn out to be even more efficient. In addition to such, fluid systems that we use are cheaper as a rule, more adapted to particular geological conditions and particular technological processes and do not require special equipment. Moreover, the our recipes consist of domestically produced – always at “hand’s reach” components which allows us to react efficiently on various situations in the well and prevent possible complications.

Our Company is ready to propose the following:

  • a wide range of circulation fluids recipes for drilling in different geological conditions;
  • modern materials and chemicals that ensure sound technological achievements;
  • drilling-in flush fluids, fluids for drilling horizontal and inclined wells, special perforation fluids, special fluids for killing of wells or their temporary blocking.

Our Company is equipped in accordance with the CIS and API standards. Our highly qualified specialists were the “’architects” of circulation fluid services in Ukraine. Their names are closely connected with the achievements of such famous enterprises as “SPE “Zond” LLC and “Research and Design Company for Drilling Equipment” JSC. Our technological solutions, based on the utilization of the latest circulation fluid systems, allow drilling companies to reduce drilling-time significantly. It also helps to increase their productivity due to drilling quality enhancement and make them more accident-proof.