Development and service of drilling fluid

A list of wells where inverted oil-emulsion cement slurry IOECS-2 was used.

Inverted oil-emulsion cement slurry was designed for cementing casing strings and installing cement plugs in the intervals that were drilled using oil-based drilling fluids (OBM). Inverted oil-emulsion cement slurry is an invert emulsion, whose external phase is a hydrocarbon liquid. The formation of cement stone at all stages of hardening of an oil-emulsion cement slurry in a well occurs without changing the kind of emulsion and inverting its phases.


Utilization of inverted oil-emulsion cement slurry IOECS-2

 №  № of well  CustomerDateFeatures of application
1 №55 Machuhi PrJSC “Naftogazvydobuvannia” 09.03.2020 Cement plug within the interval 5238 – 5472 m, bottomhole temperature 147 °С
2 №77 Semyrenki  PrJSC “Naftogazvydobuvannia” 07.11.2020 Cementing of Іst setion of production casing Ø177,8 mm within the interval 5780 – 4340 m, bottomhole temperature 140 °С