Development and service of drilling fluid

Reducing the density of using EDI to the next hole. Work was carried out for the first time.

We used the mobile unit centrifuges company "Karat".

Transfer muds rent drilling now involves the use of their limited scope in various geological conditions. In this regard, the question arises adjustment of process parameters solutions. First of all - their density.

Applied to our enterprise BPO equipment allows weighting of solutions. However, to reduce the density drilling fluids had to be diluted. This method requires the additional cost of chemicals and leads to an increase in volume. All this is highly undesirable, especially when dealing with expensive and environmentally hazardous invert emulsions.

In the near future is expected the use of EDI Witer II for repair work on wells ANPD. The desired solution density 1050-1080 kg / m3. In our warehouse there is sufficient for the volume of ESI (100-120 m3), but with a density of 1140-1160 kg / m3. As a weighting agent ESI contains ground marble. In the case of diluting to the desired density, the volume increase ESI + 1.5.

We made a decision to remove the excess weighting using a centrifuge. In this issue of great help to us we had a specialized company "Karat", which provided for one of its mobile units. Installation and connection of purification equipment demanded no more than two hours. To reduce the density to the desired values ​​by two triple rinsing solution through the centrifuge, it took no more than two days.

Before the start of the experiment, there were fears that the centrifuge with marble can be separated and part of hydrophobic bentonite, which would entail the degradation of the ESI. Fortunately, the fears did not materialize. On the contrary, high-speed centrifuge is provided at an additional emulsifying effect of the solution. ESI parameters even improved!

Services provided it possible to prepare the drilling fluid for use in low reservoir pressures and develop technology remove excess solids inpatient BPO our company.