Development and service of drilling fluid

The well killing operation has been performed for the tubing revision and an additional perforation of the productive interval. The special fluid was provided on a rental basis.

The thermal stability of biopolymer systems depends on their mineralization level. The higher the salt concentration, the more the thermal stability. Primarily, this is manifested in maintaining acceptable rheology characteristics in a bottom hole.

Usually we don’t use biopolymer drilling muds with mineralization less than 15-18% at depths, which greater than 5000 m. Otherwise the system is greatly thinning almost to the condition of water. However, this increases a density of the solution. The solution of this problem is the use organic-mineral colmatant Alevron®.


  • density- 1095-1100 kg/м3;
  • Funnel Viscosity - 65 с;
  • GEL - 67/77 dPa;
  • Flitration Loss - 4,0 см3/30 min.;
  • PV - 16 mPa*с;
  • YP - 168 дПа;
  • pH - 8,0;
  • Salinity - 5,4%;
  • KCl - 1,5%;
  • Filtration Loss НРНТ 136 ° C - 10-11 cm3 / 30 min.
  • Filtration test through the bulk sand filter (7 bar) - 0 cm3/30 min.