Development and service of drilling fluid

The drilling of the fifth well was completed where OBM Witer - II was used while drilling-in within productive layers. Gas shows occurred during the drilling process after which the density of the drilling mud was increased from 1250 kg/m3 to 1350 kg/m3. There were not other problems during drilling this interval.

A casing column Ø 177.8 mm was lowered into the drilled barrel, The first section of casing Ø 177.8 was set to the bottom hole with the use of oil-swellable packers. The second section was cemented by two steps. The OBM Witer-II was replaced with water-based drilling mud after descending the section for preventing fluid loss during cementing jobs. Also, this technic provided better adhesion of the cement stone to the casing walls. Cementing jobs were successfully completed.

After cementing water-based drilling mud was replaced by OBM Witer-II to prevent contamination of the productive layers during perforation. An inflow was made by lowering the level of liquid in the well using a nitrogen unit.

Now well stimulation tests take place. We hope for a good level of industrial products!