Development and service of drilling fluid

How it was

«Mente et malleo»


Avram Grigorievich conquered sickness. Pensioner. He lives in Israel, near Tel Aviv. Babysit three grandchildren. Life goes on!

Geosintez wishes strength and health to our teacher . We still have a lot of joint work ...


The first meeting with company management PSPW (polski serwis plynow wiertniczych), marked the beginning of long-term and fruitful cooperation. From left to right: Ian Pudlo; Iurii` Luban; Al`fons Dudek; Galina Nakonechnaia.


The first biopolymer system "BIOCAR" was used on the well №545 Bugrovatovskaya, the drilling of the horizontal section of the trunk in the range of 3363 - 3470 m. Photos at the drill. Laboratory NIIKB drilling tool at full strength. From left to right: Sobichenko Anton Vasilyevich, Onishchenko Valentin Petrovich, Duz` Andrey Grigoryevich, Luban Yuriy Vladimirovich, Nakonechnaia Galina Anatolyevna.


Departure of A.G.Rozengaft to Israel for treatment. At this point Abram G. has had surgery in the Moscow oncological center, and has gone through several courses of therapy in Ukraine. Israel remained the last hope - and it is fully justified.

Photo: Rozengaft A.G., Poletuchiy I.I.


Exhibition of oil and gas companies in Poltava. From left to right: Poletuchiy Ivan Ivanovich; Luban Elena Semenovna; Luban Yurii Volodumyrovich.


Photo is made after B.A. Chernov's defense of the thesis in Ivano-Frankivsk University of Oil and Gas. Sits - B.A. Chernov - just defended Dr. hab. Standing, left to right, first row: O.T. Draganchuk; Yu.V. Luban - just defended PhD; Ya.S. Kotskulich; V.S. Voitenko; D.Yu. Mochernyuk; V.G. Yasov; O.B. Polituchaya; A.S. Nepomnyashchii. Second row, left to right: V.S. Boyko; R.S. Yaremiychuk; A.N. Mizin; A.I. Polituchy; A.N. Andrusyak.


At the origins of SPE "ZOND". From left to right: S.V. Luban; I. Yu. Khariv; A. G. Rozenhaft; A. I. Polituchij.


In the photo, from left to right, sitting: V.S. Shmavonyants, E.S. Sienkiewicz, V.S. Ribalchenko, A.S. Seryakov, unknown, V.Z. Luban, M.M. Fesenko. Standing in the first row, third right - A.S. Nepomnyashchii , fifth left -Z.U. Hinkovska. In the last row, near the left corner of the signs - A.N. Andrusyak. In the center - with the black beard - L.I. Dopilka, left after him - N.M. Prohorov NM, right - A.G. Rozenhaft (visible only part of the face). I. Yu. Khariv look from behind the man with glasses (unknown).

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