Development and service of drilling fluid

Жигач Кузьма ФомичZhigach Kuzma Fomich

(October 30, 1906, St. Petersburg - May 7, 1964, Moscow)

prof. Head. Department of General and Analytical Chemistry, Rector Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry named after Gubkin. The creator of a new direction of Technical Chemistry - Oilfield Chemistry. Supervisor of the laboratory for the development and introduction of reagents, stabilizers drilling fluids. Developer Soviet technology of CMC. Laid the theoretical foundations of the application of oil base muds (OBM). The author of fundamental works on swelling clays. The creator of the instrument "Jigach-Yarov." Has developed a number of theoretical ideas on the effects of various substances on the stability of clay and non-clay suspensions, studied their structural, mechanical and rheological properties