Development and service of drilling fluid

Ребиндер Петр АлександровичRebinder Petr Aleksandrovich

(October 3, 1898, St. Petersburg - July 12, 1972, Moscow).

Academician, founder of physicochemical mechanics. Major works are devoted to the problems of education, sustainability and the destruction of disperse systems, surface phenomena and structure formation in these systems; the development of ideas about the molecular mechanism of action of surfactants, the nature of detergency, flotation, selective wetting; development of physical and chemical principles of application of surfactants in various industrial processes. Opened the adsorption reduction of strength of solids.

Воспоминания о П.А.Ребиндере

Очерк жизни и деятельности академика Петра Александровича Ребиндера

Воспоминания о П.А.Ребиндере
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