Development and service of drilling fluid

Used to prevent and control gas hydrates in data acquisition and field processing of oil and gas, as well as well-killing fluid. TU U 14.4-23557449-006: 2008


  • General characteristics: natural bischofite solution purified from impurities of sulfate and carbonate salts;
  • Solubility in water: 100%;
  • Appearance: oily liquid, odorless, pale-gray or gray-green color;
  • Density Reagent: 1240-1280 kg / m3;
  • pH: 6.0-8.0;
  • Daily stability: not more than 0.02 g / cm3.


The search for alternative inhibitors of hydrate formation due to the high toxicity of methanol. In Ukraine, to this end, use a solution of natural bischofite, industrial production is carried out in several fields. At the same time, the presence in the solution such impurities sulfate and carbonate ions complicates its application due to the formation of insoluble compounds, primarily - gypsum. Repeatedly we have problems associated with blockage of the process equipment.

Bishofit solution is also widely used as a processing liquid to the different stages of well completion. Removal from its composition of sulfate and carbonate ions can reduce the risk of contamination of reservoirs.


HIC solution prepared from natural bishofita by sediment deposition sulfate and carbonate ions by treatment with calcium chloride.


  • Prevention of hydrate formation during testing and operation of wells;
  • Liquid jamming, repair and perforation holes (density was 1240-1280 kg / m3 or less, which is achieved by dilution);


  • Unlike traditional igibitors hydrate based on methanol - non-toxic and environmentally completely safe;
  • Absence in the GCI sulfate and carbonate ions eliminates the formation of insoluble compounds and clogging of the process equipment;
  • It has a low freezing point (for solutions with density 1280 kg / m3 - below -50°C).
  • It has a high inhibitory effect on the clay rocks;
  • It has a relatively low corrosivity.


  • GCI as killing fluid should not be applied to the wells, where during the initial drilling-use reagents, forming insoluble compounds in contact with Polyvalent salts.
  • GCI, as well as other homogeneous solutions of salts, characterized by unlimited filtration, which can lead to the formation of considerable invaded zone in the formation.
  • Education in the formation of insoluble precipitates may contact GCI with sulfate or carbonate reservoir water. Therefore, prior to use as IUC killing fluid, necessary to carry out an analysis of its compatibility with the formation water.