Development and service of drilling fluid

We wish the new year of peace, kindness and happiness to everyone.
All good changes, new achievements, support and understanding, comfort, warmth and love.
Let dreams come true! Happy Holidays!

As we expected, 2015 was a turning point, persistent and ambiguous. As usual - the old resists, but the correct vector, and our country, albeit with difficulty, but moving in the right direction.

At the front - silent. Northern neighbor switched to the Arabs and the Turks. Oil - cheaper dollar - rising, RTS - steadily declining. In general, a positive trend, we want to believe that their problems for the Russian Federation will pay less attention to our "salvation" from Bendery junta.

High hopes for visa-free regime with the EU. Over the last year the issue of visas took a prohibitively long time. Problems with their reception we had, but the red tape prevents live and work. Especially in the light of our regular contacts with Poland (PSPW). Here and joint research and conferences, and general scientific research. The value of our cooperation can not be overestimated, but the climax - a commercial tests EDI Witer II. In Ukraine, for the year, we conducted work on 4 wells, and in the first days of January planned work on another - is the fifth. Considering the issue of the use of EDI Witer II in Polish fields. Conduct scientific research to create a closed cycle completions using a hydrocarbon-based systems.

Last year, we became friends with Bulgaria. Together, we have restored the Bulgarian barite delivery to Ukraine. Watched a few promising areas of application in various washing systems.

The cooperation with the National Technical University of Oil and Gas. We have established a scholarship named by A.G.Rozengaft, which is awarded to students of senior courses of drillers, who showed exceptional skills in the field of chemistry and rinse well drilling fluids. The university conducts research and practical training where students master the methods of management of our washing systems. Students regularly do practical work in the central laboratory and production facilities, which we do service work. Realization of the program of studies of rheological and structural-mechanical properties of drilling fluids in the downhole conditions.

2015 brought a change for that part of our team, which until recently continued to work part-time in NIIKB drilling tools. Now, all former employees of the laboratory drilling fluids transferred to a permanent job in Geosintez. With BI NIIKB we maintain partnerships and friendships.

Reconstruction of the production base of service. We have built a huge arch structure over the weighting platform, and protect it from rain and direct sunlight. Done pressure lines knot tying preparation of drilling fluids and storage tanks. To equip the unit preparing invert emulsion dispersant established his own design. Mastered regeneration techniques ESI using the mobile unit centrifuges. We completed the construction of the entrance. Is nearing completion construction of a parking place.

In 2015, we used our washings fluids on 17 wells, 9 of them were used KRS. Never before maintenance repair work was not such a heavy share in our balance sheet. Here there are two aspects.

First - a positive. Finally, during the cattle began to pay attention to the washing liquid. Hopefully that is not far off when the use of process water would be an anachronism. No small role in this process was played by our compositions "BIOCAR block" and EDI Witer II, use of which can significantly reduce the risk of contamination of the reservoirs during jamming.

The second aspect - negative. It is incomprehensible, but during the war, when the country badly needed energy, Ukraine manages to drastically reduce the volume of drilling new wells. Paradox! We hope that in the New Year our statesmen added will became wisdom.

"Do not let this think that God will show us disfavor. But human lifetime is short. No time to defeat. "

Lіna Kostenko.

  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! Let the New Year bring peace, success and prosperity.


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